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Geoff will help change your life and how you understand and respect your body
Matt Hill

For about a year and a half now (since March 2013) I have been training with Geoff.  Over that time I have seen results that I never thought possible.

Our training started with a few sessions to gauge my general fitness.

Then we started on a 12 week Metabolic Precision course, where you progressively work with heavier and heavier weights over the weeks. I was amazed at my improvement.

Geoff will teach you how to nail the right technique for each exercise to maximise benefit (and appropriate muscle isolation for each exercise - for strength and safety).

I started squats on 30kg and hated them - now I do over 100kg and love them.  Bench Press started at 35kg - now I do 80kg on reps of 8, (that's more than my body weight - 72kg).

All of these gains are lean muscle only, which I didn't even understand what this was at the time of starting, so no bulking up like a gorilla.

But here's the best bit, Geoff taught me how to eat and how different food types work, for the benefit of post workout recovery and true body transformation.  I was genuinely amazed with the results and am convinced that my weight issues (and for others) simply for not understanding how food can work for you.

II will never forget it when Geoff said "six packs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym" - so true (a few years back I was 85kg - now 72kg).  

When I train with Geoff he always seems to have another tip or trick up his sleeve.  He makes it an amazing and interesting experience.

So give it a go with Geoff, it will change your life and how you understand and respect your body.

With Geoff it's not simply exercise, it's the complete package.

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