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Eleanore is only just over 150cm tall and weighed in at 118kg.

She struggled to get out of bed in the morning.

In fact she couldn't jump out of bed like most of us do, she had to roll out of bed.

Eleanore really struggled with her program initially, in fact she had to be encouraged to keep going.

Her light bulb moment came when at the twelfth week of her program she told Geoff that results weren't coming quickly enough.

She had lost just over 12kg at this stage, a good effort for the first 12 weeks of a program in most people's estimation, but not good enough for her.

Geoff then insisted she carry a 12.5kg dumbbell with her for the whole of her next session. "Why are you making me do this stupid thing?" she said.

Geoff said, "do you remember how much you weighed at the beginning?" "Of course", she said. Geoff said "well, that used to be you".

You could see the light bulb ignite in her head and Eleanore never looked back.

From being almost as heavy as she was tall, she competes in events such as the Eureka Tower Stair climb and Tough Mudder events.

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