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Brett Lucas
After many years of failing to exercise (approx. 30) I decided to join the Fenix club - around the start of 2010.

My program was mainly established for weight loss and fitness.  Under a couple of different  instructors over the first 12 months the results were far from my expectations - almost non visible or measurable.

Early 2011 I saw the Metabolic Precision program advertised which highlighted the importance of your metabolism.  My view at the time was, although I was eating healthy (to a degree) and training, my metabolism was not functioning properly. (I really had no idea if this was true). 

I contacted Metabolic Precision who passed me on to Geoff, who explained in more detail the program. It sounded good, but......

My initial thoughts were, another program, another trainer, am I wasting my time?

With encouragement from Geoff and ultimately my wife , I joined.

To date, I have completed two 12 week programs.

The Results
From where I was, to where I'm at is fantastic, my life has changed both physically and mentally - especially for a 57 year old who was set in his ways these changes for me are exceptional.

More strength, more stamina, weight loss, even some body definition and a very clear and focused mind.

My eating habits have changed although they were not too bad - the MP cookbook has been great.

My family now all eats from the cookbook.

My wife has joined a gym, my 2 daughters (23 and 22) have joined (one is going most days) my son 20, is now fanatical and goes almost every day after work, with fantastic results.

Our house is filled with protein drinks, berries, yogurt, fruit, vegetables and lots of greens.

One of the reasons for our family turn around is my preaching at home about what I was doing with the Metabolic Precision program and Geoff my trainer.

The reason I am so committed has been the encouragement and reinforcement of the Metabolic Precision program that Geoff has instigated and taught me to believe in.

Today I am a great believer in Metabolic Precision and personally I am very appreciative of the work Geoff has put in.

I am sure it would have been very frustrating for Geoff at the beginning of my program, but today I can see some very positive results through his perseverance.

In summary, this short note is to acknowledge the benefits of the Metabolic Precision program and more importantly your MP trainer Geoff Curran.  Without his support and enthusiasm, I would probably still be frustrated with the gym and certainly not making the progress I have.  

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