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Kilo Creep

Tuesday, May 03, 2016 | By Geoff Curran

What the bleep is kilo creep???

You may sometimes hear those dreaded politicians and economists talking about a thing called bracket creep.

They are referring to the situation where you earn a little bit more money which puts you into the next tax bracket and you actually end up worse off.

The uncomfortable truth

Remember those times in early January each year?  

You would jump on the scales and weigh yourself.  You would be a fraction heavier than the year before.  You would say to yourself, "that's not too bad, 

I've only put on a kilo since last year'.  You may have even made one of those often not completed New Year's resolutions to shed the kilo or more you have put on.

So what is kilo creep???

What you haven't realised, (or perhaps you have) is that this process has continued for perhaps 5, 10, 15 maybe even 20 years or more.  Unfortunately you have become a victim of 

kilo creep.  

Yes, you may not have realised it but over the years you have stacked on quite a bit of weight.  Unfortunately it is usually not the healthy, calorie and fat burning lean muscle that has been added to your frame but the potentially unhealthy and inflammatory disease producing body fat.

What can I do about it??

If you have become a victim of kilo creep and would like some assistance, please refer to the free fat loss e-course on this sites homepage or shoot me a message using the contact us button.

Yours in health and fitness


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